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The sunlight came down on your face once you stretched on the pebbles in a faraway area. The warmth was wonderful, the breezes were nice so not to cause it unpleasant. The tide appeared to be just starting to reach back in and touch your feet. You dreamed to live here till the end of your days. There appeared to be nobody else on the beach, only you and your thoughts.

The sun started to calmly set on the water, reflecting over the whispering waves and bouncing over your soft skin, your naked legs, making you warm through to your core. When you looked down at the crushing waves you observed how it reflected sunlight, getting you think back about the heat in the sun.

Your mind seemed to be peaceful for the first time in some years. You searched for the source of the unusual noise, the one that got you from the tranquil place you had walked into, however you couldn’t see it. You turned around the island to see any different person though there appeared to be no one around.

You leaned your head to have a look up and out the place, however still you could not see or hear anyone. Your heart started to hit when you were there thinking. You were quite sure you had been asleep. A moment later you observed this woman, you began to breathe speedily as your heart stroke in your head, you desperately made an attempt to figure out who this vixen is.

She was undeniably the most amazing female you have ever met in your life. You turned your neck round so rapidly, how had you not found the woman stroll down the path. Your lips stayed open and even though you dreamed to call this birdie, all the fire in you went straight to your head. It got louder this time. This time it at last dragged you from you calm illusion. Your eyes went open widely, the peaceful pictures of the beach were away like a shadow from some years passed by. As your eyes adapted to the light you noticed you were in your bed, lonely like normal. Not a single thing happened.

There seemed to be no amazing girl and no perfect place to empty your mind from your dull life… There was not a thing apart from you on your sofa and few dirty clothes all around you… But that does not have to be like that for ever. You don’t have to simply fantasize about such lady and such beach.

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